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Press on the @MayorEmanuel Phenomenon

Best Chicago Fiction of 2011 | December 2011

"With its irreverent but affable alter ego and 140-character F-bomb-laden bursts of fiction-meets-real-time-history, Sinker’s book proves a refreshingly light and seriously fun read—even for those who care diddly-squat about politics."

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The First Real Work of Digital Literature? | Oct 5, 2011

"Indeed, @MayorEmanuel may be the first truly great piece of digital literary work... There are other digitally based literary works, of course, such as hypertext novels, electronic literature and flarf poetry. But these are experiments in the modernist and postmodernist vein. They feel familiar, even if they look strange. @MayorEmanuel, on the other hand, feels both unfamiliar and natural."

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Dan Sinker: The man behind @MayorEmanuel sounds off | Sept 12, 2011

"What I’m talking about is that Chicago is the city that works. It always has been. That’s Terkel 101."

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Tweets take their (expletive) place among city's rich literary tradition | Sept 6, 2011

"David Shepherd, Paul Sills, Mike Nichols and Elaine May, Del Close and Charna Halpern, Studs Terkel and Lenny Bruce: Meet Dan Sinker. He's one of yours, and one of ours."

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Revealing the Man Behind @MayorEmanuel | Feb 28, 2011

"It was the best fake Twitter account ever, deftly satirizing Rahm Emanuel, and elevating the Tweet and the f-word to the level of literature. But the mystery writer was never revealed - until now."

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The Real Fake Rahm Emanuel | March 1, 2011

"With one Twitter account, Dan Sinker changed the entire political satire game. And now, he's talking."

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Chicago Punk Rock Journalist Dan Sinker Revealed as @MayorEmanuel Author | Feb 28, 2011

"Every so often, a work of art is created that is so new, so utterly at home in its medium, that you realize that you’ve just witnessed a genuine cultural event."

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Lots of Bleepin' Laughs | Feb 2, 2011

"The evil genius behind @MayorEmanuel — whoever it is — has Chicago guessing, everybody laughing"

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Rahm Emanuel Unleashed: Fake feed a Twitter hit | Jan 26, 2011

"The @MayorEmanuel Twitter feed is hilarious, but it’s rarely laugh-out-loud funny, and it never tells jokes. Its appeal lies in its over-the-top persona — and the contrast that provides with Emanuel as a candidate."

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