The official site of "The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel"

The book features the feed, extensively annotated, plus an extensive epilogue about the story, and a foreword by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Added bonus: you don't have to scroll so much.

Dan Sinker tweeting a short story for Huffington Post Books on Sept 13.

The Huffington Post Books section asked me if I'd be interested in writing a real-time short story on their Twitter feed on September 13, the official release date of the @MayorEmanuel book. After a little bit of back-and-forth, that mostly involved me saying, "Uh, you're kidding, right?" and them repeatedly saying "No," I agreed to do it.

Their pitch was really interesting: They understood that @MayorEmanuel is in the time vortex and doesn't just emerge when Arianna--or anyone else--asks. Instead, they suggested doing something totally new. Take some of the lessons learned in writing @MayorEmanuel and just go for it with something different. Huh.

The Huffington Post gives some of the lowdown here, and also has a nice Q&A with me at the bottom that focuses in on the nature of real-time writing.

I thought about laying out some of the logic of the universe the story takes place in here, but I think it's going to be more interesting to let that play out as the story unfolds. I will say that tonally, it's going to be a very different thing than @MayorEmanuel (and, expectation lowering: not much profanity). But I just finished some of the basic plotting (a lot of the story will be improvised as it's written, same as @MayorEmanuel, but with a single day instead of six months it seemed like a good idea to make sure I've got a basic structure), and I'm excited about the story that will be told.

Of course, for those that know me (or have read one of the bazillion stories about me), you know that I like to experiment and I absolutely view this as exactly that. Let's loop back at the end of the day and see if it was a successful one, OK?

So tomorrow, September 13, in addition to picking up your copy of the @MayorEmanuel book, make sure you're following @HuffPostBooks to witness this experiment unfold.

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