The official site of "The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel"

The book features the feed, extensively annotated, plus an extensive epilogue about the story, and a foreword by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. Added bonus: you don't have to scroll so much.

The Book Comes Alive--Jeff Tweedy performs the Black Eyed Peas

UPDATE: The other song Tweedy performed has surfaced on the web. Added here.

In the story of @MayorEmanuel, one of my favorite moments is when @MayorEmanuel forces Wilco's Jeff Tweedy to play Black Eyed Peas songs because "Not saying they're a good band--they're fucking terrible. But if you want people with money to give that shit away, play the Black Eyed Peas." Tweedy pushes back, but @MayorEmanuel is an immovable force: "So it goes without fucking saying, that he's going out there and playing "I Gotta Feeling," right fucking now."

And then, last night, at the sold-out @MayorEmanuel book release show at The Hideout, the greatest bar in Chicago, like the very best dream ever, it happened for real:

Video captured stage-side by Time Out Chicago.

The next song, "Rock Your Body" proved slightly more of a (hilarious) challenge:

Audience-cam video by Elizabeth Riley.

Finally he wrapped up by reciting a spoken-word rendition of "My Humps" that must be seen to be believed:

"My Humps" video captured by Jasmined.

Best. Night Ever.

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