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  • Throwing that chair through the window wasn't the best fucking decision in the world just now. Now we're fucked AND it's cold.
  • Axelrod tells me "Who replaced Chicago with this shitfest?" isn't a good slogan.
  • I've been awake since 7:45 yesterday morning, and have been playing Angry Birds for the last 19 hours. I fucking hate everything.
  • If it gets above 40 tomorrow I'm putting on a fireproof suit, jumping in a spaceship, and flying up to fuck the glorious sun.
  • What I learned on today's listening tour: You know what's wrong with Chicago? Every fucking motherfucking thing.
  • Sitting in the igloo, passing a bottle around. Axelrod busted out his guitar and is singing Bon fucking Jovi. "On a steel horse I ride..."
  • Speech preview: "So Chicago, let's stop screwing around. Let's be like the Unicorn on my T-shirt: Fucking incredible."
  • Birthday: (1) take a shit in the council chambers (2) pick up Penny Pritzker and Samurai Mike Singletary (3) taco pizza at Chuck E Cheese.
  • Fuck this noise. Quaxelrod? Hambone? We've got a motherfucking election to motherfucking win. Let's do this shit.
  • And Curtis Mayfield points to the fucking skyline inside his chest and he says, "It needs someone, someone to hold it, someone to love it."
  • If you have a giant fucking pile of money and a bunch of dumb fucks running against you, DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel

by Dan Sinker, with a forward by Biz Stone

"The first truly great piece of literature to be produced using this micromedium that's rapidly transforming communication in the digital age."Wired

When rumors circulated that Rahm Emanuel would enter the Chicago mayor’s race, suddenly the “real” Rahm became overshadowed by a decidedly different Rahm, @MayorEmanuel. Via Twitter, this fake Rahm spun a faux-insider’s story unlike any other—in real time. Garnering a passionate following on Twitter and hailed by the press, @MayorEmanuel’s journey is an entertaining, modern-day anti-hero's quest as he travels a surrealistic Chicago landscape, picking up friends along the way, including advisor David Axelrod, Carl the Intern (a high-school-aged MacGyver), a puppy named Hambone, and a duck named Quaxelrod, to name a few.

Both a surprisingly literary romp as well as an inside peek into an historic mayoral race, The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel is a bold and exciting foray into a new form of participatory, real-time storytelling.

Quack Quack, motherfuckers

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